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ClEnSensors is a project developing an Open Source, IoT platform enabling the personal deployment of a browser managed, cloud based, web accessible environmental management system

…in 1 work-day.

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Origin of the project

The idea to make most likely not the first environmental monitoring system came up mostly as a challenge to myself to cope with the development of a real IoT system.
The opportunity to start this development came when a group of independent eco-village founders ( told me that they were looking for a simple, open and DIY system to monitor certain physical quantities within they heat generation digestor plant.
As a passionate maker, the request triggered immediately the will to make that system in short time and using only Open Source and prototyping tools.
Later during the development, the idea came to make the development more general in order to deliver a complete, open-source, integrated, end-to-end IoT system

ClEnSensors stands for Cloud-based Environmental Sensors. This is actually the ultimate objective of this project.

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