Key Differentiators

This page list the characteristics of the target platform differentiating it from other existing environmental monitoring and control system
Note that the project has no ambition to be unique, but must have as objective to have certain characteristics putting it into a small set of similar solutions.

1. As-A-Service model: the system implemented with the platform will not need to be purchased or owned by the end user. The end user will only be interested in the information and the knowledge delivered by the system by monitoring and controlling the target environment

2. End User Oriented: the system is intended mainly for the end user. Configuration is kept minimal and possibly no customization is necessary. Customization and specific extension are seen as up-sells to the basic system

3. Ready in 1 day: A basic system can be deployed and operated within 24 hours from the time the package is available to the owner

4. Open-Source: All integration code, HW design, configuration files and documentation will be Open Source and accessible for contribution, extension and testing. Anybody is allowed to improve ClEnSensors as long ad his workl has the same open access as ClEnSensors itself

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